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Replicate the world

in 3D

Hyper-realistic, geometrically accurate, semantically rich digital twins using just your phone

Quick, Easy and Economical

CitySynth app allows you to capture the world with your phone. Our AI based cloud service creates both meshes and neural render models for you. It's that simple!

Virtual production

Easily capture miles of a city at the current cost of a block

Game development

Build a real world game in just a few weeks


Digital twins for remote estimates, easy redecoration and compelling marketing


Train your AI with the real world rather than relying on artificial creations


Create daily updated digital twins with semantic inventories

3D mapping

Provide 3D navigation with lane level localization and real time semantics

Accurate, Realistic and Ready to use

Our digital twins have cm accurate meshes, rich semantic information about objects and ultra realistic AI rendering. Digital twins are revolutionizing many industries. Get going right away!

Start building!

Join the CitySynth beta.

Beta available for select Android devices, coming soon to iOS

Drive, Walk or Bike

We support various transport modalities in our phone app

Driving or cycling

Mount the phone on your winshield press Record


Walk around with a steady hand or mount your phone on a gimbal

Custom devices

Capture using specialized equipment or multi-camera rigs

Curious to learn more?

Listen to the creators of CitySynth on

Epic Games Inside Unreal podcast


Supports your favorite tools

Our digital twins consist of semantic meshes and AI rendering that work with your existing tools and workflows. We are excited to support Unreal Engine as our first integration with many more to follow.

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